Children’s Museum of South Carolina

The Children’s Museum of South Carolina is the perfect place to bring the family for a day filled with education and fun.  Open Monday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM during the months of June, July and August, the museum provides a family-oriented learning environment that promotes interactive learning.

The museum’s commitment to education and fun can be experienced through a wide variety of exhibits promoting the sciences, technology, the humanities and culture.

Some highlighted exhibits include:

Big Bank- Role-play as the bank teller, manager, loan officer or customer as families explore activities that highlight earning, saving and spending money.

USS Kids-a-Float- Experience what it is like to be on a real boat as you investigate and explore the USS KIDS-A-FLOAT. Make predictions and sort objects at the Sink or Swim table.

Bubble Mania- Bubbles big and small are the focus of this exhibit. Find out what makes a bubble and then children and their parents love to put themselves inside a giant bubble.

South Carolina Fossil Hunt- Become a paleontologist, dig through and brush away the sand as you look for 65 million year old fossils from ocean animals of South Carolina.

It’s Electric- Investigate electricity as you generate your own power and work together to build circuits to power lights and motors.

Kidz Medical Center & Dr. Molar’s Dental Clinic- Learn about bones, muscles, teeth, and other parts of the human body while being a doctor, dentist, nurse, medical receptionist, X-Ray technician, or even a patient.

Express Yourself Art Center- Discover the artist in you while creating a masterpiece. New activities and craft choices change weekly!

Wild About Plants Discovery Lab- Identify the parts of a plant we eat, create a plant-filled meal while learning about the importance of plants in our everyday lives!

Discover South Carolina- Learn about local snakes, shells and habitats while discovering important facts and information about the State of South Carolina.

Habitat Habit- Learn about our local habitats as you explore the animals right here in our backyard! Find and see live tree frogs, anoles, and a box turtle that live right at the museum.

Weather Center & Continuous News Desk- Stand in front of a live green screen and report the weather conditions or sit behind the news desk and report the news LIVE from the Children’s Museum of South Carolina.

Hurricane Simulator- Learn how to protect yourself in the event of a hurricane and feel 78 mph winds of a Category I Hurricane in the Hurricane Simulator! Identify hurricane strength winds with the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale.

Recycling Center- Learn more about the fascinating world of plastics and discover how plastic bottles can be transformed into new materials.

Whatever you want to learn, there is an exhibit for you.  Visit the Children’s Museum of South Carolina website for admission coupons and more information about special events and our newest exhibits.

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