Cool Down at Myrtle Waves

Cool down on those hot summer days with a slip-sliding, wave-riding water adventure! With more than one million gallons of water and over 20 acres of attractions, Myrtle Waves is the perfect place to beat the heat.

From heart-pounding thrills to tranquil relaxation, Myrtle Waves has something for water lovers of all ages. Get your adrenaline pumping as you wind through the dark tunnels of the world’s largest tubular slides – the Turbo Twisters. If that didn’t cure your need for speed, try out the twin slides of the Riptide Rockets or take the plunge as you spiral down the Arooba Tooba.

For a mellower but equally exciting ride, grab a single or double tube and glide around the curves of Snake Mountain’s three waterslides. For the most relaxing ride, take a dip in the wave pool or float along the gently gliding LayZee River.

Most of the park’s larger rides require riders to be at least 42 inches tall, but there are plenty of places to play that are geared toward families with toddlers. Saturation Station is a water-themed jungle gym perfect for younger kids and has water shooters, small slides, waterfalls and a 700-gallon bucket that douses the crowd with water every 6-8 minutes. Plus, the floating animals, water umbrellas and tons of bubbles at Bubble Bay will have your toddler giggling with delight in no time.

Admission to the park includes a full day of play. Free tubes are first come, first served, but you can rent a tube at an additional price that will be yours for the day. There are numerous snack bars and shops inside, along with a free picnic area outside the park where you can enjoy any drinks or food you bring with you. A stamp or wristband will get you into and out of the park, so you can come and go as needed. You can also rent one of 11 cabanas or rent a locker for the day to store your valuables. If you don’t have all day to play, Myrtle Waves also offers a discounted afternoon rate.

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