Dine With The Stars at Planet Hollywood

Have you ever wanted to eat and feel like a movie star? Well now’s your chance! At Planet Hollywood Restaurant & Bar, dine among the stars and become surrounded by an unbelievable movie memorabilia collection. Featuring award-winning burgers and tasty drinks, Planet Hollywood is a much for any family or couple.

The menu is just as large as the restaurant and that’s saying something. From delicious seafood like Teriyaki Salmon and shrimp fajitas, to award-winning burgers like the Celebrity BBQ bacon cheeseburger and the Double Down, no man, woman, or child will leave Planet Hollywood feeling unsatisfied. If you’re trying to watch what you eat, there are a number of salads and lighter fare to choose from that are equally as satisfying without the guilt.

Planet Hollywood has a great kids menu for children 10 and under. Meals range from chicken tenders, pizza, wraps, pb&j, and even salads. Did I mention that all kid’s meals are 6.99? Now that’s a deal and a surefire way to keep the kids and the parents happy. With such a wide variety of food to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters, it’s no wonder why kids and adults leave the restaurant feeling like movie stars.

Nothing beats eating while sitting under the stars and fascinating over tons of movie memorabilia. You will want to be sure you save time to check out all of the fascinating collectables that have accumulated over the years. Even more in line with the theme are the beverages. Adults can drink like celebrities as well with cocktails named after various characters and movie titles like Fool’s Gold, Terminator and Iron Man. It’s fun for the whole family!

Planet Hollywood is a must-stop for any family wanting an out-of-the-box dinner experience or just a good time. If you are looking to experience something different during your beach vacation, make sure to pencil this unique dining experience into your itinerary and come prepared for a night full of family fun!

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