Great Eats at Drunken Jack’s

For a view that's as good as the seafood, Drunken Jack's Restaurant & Lounge in Murrells Inlet is known for both.

Located in the middle of the famed Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk, visitors can sit on the back patio deck or at an indoor table by the huge dining room window and see the fishing ships returning home with the day's catch. The same ships likely delivered your dinner since Drunken Jack's relies on local fleets for most of its seafood.

The scenic view also includes a vista of Drunken Jack's Island, the namesake of the restaurant and a local legend born from the pirates who hid out in the inlet. According to lore, a hung-over Drunken Jack passed out in the dunes and was deserted by his shipmates with nothing but bottles of rum to sustain him. His bleached bones were later discovered, allegedly surrounded by empty bottles with a smile on his face.

Smiles are also on the menu at Drunken Jack's, a pirate-themed eatery that is geared toward families, food, and fun. The casual atmosphere comes with a diverse menu that offers everything from the basics - like the famous seafood platters that come with your choice of seafood - to exceptional surf-and-turf options - such as the fresh catch of the day with prime rib or a filet.

Drunken Jack's also offers great seafood appetizers, including oysters on the half shell and shrimp cocktail as well as soups, salads, desserts and melt-in-your-mouth hushpuppies with honey butter. A full bar features the house special Drunken Jack's Rum Punch, making it a great place to relax during happy hour. There's even live entertainment from 6 to 10 p.m. nightly during the summers.

Drunken Jack’s remains a favorite among visitors and locals alike and is a great place to bring the family for a decadent meal. Visit their website for more information.

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