Illusions of Magic - A Must See!

If there is one show to see in Myrtle Beach, the Palace Theater’s Illusions of Magic is it! With magic, dance, comedy, and danger acts, this show really does deliver edge-of-your-seat entertainment for the whole family.

The Palace Theater’s Illusions of Magic showcases the unbelievable talent of world-renowned magician, Peter Gossamer. From start to finish, Gossamer will have the audience amazed as he performs disappearing acts, levitates objects, separates assistants, and even transforms a motorcycle into a full-size racecar; all live on stage. Laugh along as Gossamer pulls volunteers from the audience and bewilders them with astonishing illusions and psychic predictions.

But magic isn’t all this show has to offer. Ben Blaque from America’s Got Talent will have hearts pounding as he performs dangerous crossbow stunts. Watch as Blaque takes his marksmanship to new levels executing nearly impossible precision shots, knocking an apple off of his own head while blindfolded, and hitting concealed, rotating targets pinned around his concealed, rotating assistant! 

Still want more? Don’t worry; the Illusion of magic show keeps it coming with high-energy dancing, five live Bengal Tigers, and the first ever indoor human cannonball. All this, along with music, dancing, and special effects, make it impossible to look away.
When it’s all finally over, the audience can hang around after the show to have their picture taken on stage with the tiger and enjoy meeting with the full cast outside in the lobby.

Ticket prices range from $30 to $45 depending on section and show dates. The Palace Theater offers special package prices, as well as group rates for parties of 15 or more. The Palace Theater is located across from Broadway at the Beach at 1420 Celebrity Circle. Call the box office at (800) 905-4228 or go online to reserve a seat today!

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