Indoor Water Parks Myrtle Beach Style

If you're from the warm and sunny South, even the balmy weather of Myrtle Beach's winter and spring off-season can seem a bit too brisk for frolicking half-naked on the oceanfront and basking in the cool winter sun. That's why man invented indoor water parks. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina has several of these clever attractions that mix the warmth and controlled experience of an inside environment with the splashing, screaming, and chaos of waterslides, wave pools, and the like.

The indoor water parks Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand offer it's guests are generally part of some larger structure, whether it's a hotel or an amusement park. What that means to you is that there's often someone from the other 'area' of the business around waiting to pamper you if you should need something. Particularly at the resorts, the attendants who watch over the water parks are happy to go and bring you an appetizer from one of the on-site fine dining restaurants, for example. 

So what's the best thing about mixing hotels with indoor water parks? Myrtle Beach hotels. Where else in the world can you stay in a multi-room suite with a kitchenette, a full bath, a hot tub, killer room service, a view of the sunrise over the Atlantic, three or four-star onsite restaurants and water slides? Certainly, there are those hotels that have typical water features like pools and lazy rivers -- but when it comes to hotel-come-indoor-water parks, Myrtle Beach does it like no one else does. 

At a typical wintertime trip to one of its indoor water parks, Myrtle Beach's weather will probably be drifting around 65 degrees Fahrenheit -- quite pleasant if you're from Philadelphia or Seattle, but not so hot if you're visiting from Phoenix or Tampa Bay. But it'll be around 75 degrees inside -- perfect to enjoy some indoor fun. At the same time, if you're from the cold northern climes and you come to the Grand Strand during the hottest part of summer, you'll find that the temperature is still a pleasant 75 degrees in the indoor water parks!  Myrtle Beach might be a bit intemperate at times out-of-doors, but there's no reason it has to be that way inside, right?

So what goes on in one of these magnificent indoor water parks?  Myrtle Beach's best times, that's what. But to be specific, there's quite a bit that you can find. Water slides, of course, and pools -- but also water sports from volleyball to water polo, water squirters that you can use to get into a water brawl with the rest of your family, and more. It's a heck of a lot more than just a place to water slide -- even though it's indoors, it's definitely a full-fledged water park. You might find yourself shooting hoops in a sports-themed pool, lazing around in the slow and wide lazy river, or standing under an enormous shower of water gushing down from on high and splashing over the patio floor.

Whatever happens at your choice of the indoor water parks, Myrtle Beach will welcome you with open arms.

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