Scenic Views and Local History at Hopsewee Plantation

In the mood for something different? Perhaps a relaxing day with the family at a slower pace. If this sounds perfect, head south to visit Hopsewee Plantation, located in historic Georgetown, only a 30-minute drive from downtown Myrtle Beach. Built almost 40 years before the Revolutionary War, Hopsewee is full of history. This beautiful low country plantation house has remained perfectly preserved throughout the years as only five different families have owned it.

Visiting the plantation is as if you are traveling back through time to the 18th century. The grounds are a perfect place for a nature lover with the green and gray moss covered trees and the North Santee River. Made of black Cyprus and furnished in 18th century style furnishings and antiques, the owners have kept the plantation house in its original glory.

You can engage in various activities while visiting Hopsewee including an hour-long tour of the plantation house from the cellar to the attic. View the original slave quarters while learning about the rich history of the plantation. Take a stroll on one of the wooded trails around the grounds and take in the beautiful scenery. Hopsewee even offers a basket making class, a low country tradition. End your tour with a delicious lunch or afternoon tea at the River Oak Cottage. It is one of the top-rated tearooms in South Carolina. They serve homemade traditional Southern dishes.

Hopsewee is the perfect place to host your party or group.  Take a guided group tour through the plantation and learn about Thomas Lynch, the South Carolina signer of the Declaration of Independence. Then enjoy an elegant southern tea or have a dinner meeting with state of the art audiovisual equipment and banquet room that seats up to 64.

Although the house is still a private residence, it is open for tours February-November from 10am-4pm and 12pm-4pm Saturday. Visitors are welcome in December and January by appointment only. Tour tickets are $7.50 for children 11 and under, $10.50 for students ages 12-17 and $17.50 for adults. For information on tours and tickets call (843) 546-7891.

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