Early Book Discount

At Coral Beach Resort, we’re currently running a phenomenal special that will certainly help resort visitors like you in planning your next Myrtle Beach vacation.  Dubbed the “Early Book” savings program, it is designed to help Myrtle Beach-bound vacationers save on lodging costs.

For a limited time, vacationers who book their Myrtle Beach vacations in advance can save up to 35 percent on lodging costs at Coral Beach Resort. The rates for this special are as follows:

  • Booking 90 days in advance – up to 35 percent savings
  • Booking 60 days in advance – up to 30 percent savings
  • Booking 30 days in advance – up to 25 percent savings
  • Booking inside 30 days of visit – up to 20 percent savings

In addition to the “Early Book” program, our three properties are offering one free night’s stay during the leisure seasons with the purchase of a four-night stay in-season via our “Free Stays Program.”


To get your Early Book Discount, Book Here.

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