Top Waterslides in Myrtle Beach


There are plenty of ways to beat the Myrtle Beach heat, including a trip to one of the area’s many water parks. Waterslides, in particular, are a favorite among many guests young and old and you can be sure that there are plenty of different types for everyone to enjoy. If you are wondering where the best wet n’ wild fun can be found, check out our roundup of the top waterslides at the beach:


Thrill Seekers

These waterslides are perfect for those who enjoy a rush!

Riptide Rockets – Myrtle Waves
Don’t let the innocent appearance of these slides fool you – the Riptide Rockets at Myrtle Waves were built for speed. Each flume is just over 350 feet long and feature a dramatic drop with several humps along the way down that may even send you airborne for a few seconds! This attraction features two slides side by side, making it easy to enjoy a little friendly competition on the way down. Riders at this attraction must be at least 42” tall to enjoy.

Free Fall Cliff Dive – Wild Water & Wheels
This body slide doesn’t leave much to the imagination and is intimidating just to look at. The slide features a short closed entrance and then takes an almost 90 degree plummet towards the bottom – a near vertical drop! Guests on this attraction can expect to travel at speeds of over 45 miles per hour as they head towards the ground. The Free Fall Cliff Dive is sure to have your heart pounding! This waterslide is for guests who are at least 48” tall.


Enclosed Slides

Are you afraid of the dark? If not, be sure to try out one of these rides that will keep you guessing!

Turbo Twisters – Myrtle Waves
The Turbo Twisters are not for the faint of heart! This attraction takes riders ten stories into the air and is the world’s tallest tube slide. There are three separate slides to choose from, all of which are completely enclosed and painted a dark purple, ensuring that no light can come through. The Turbo Twisters take riders rushing towards the bottom at speeds of over 50 feet per second! Riders who are brave enough to try this slide must be at least 42” to enjoy.

The Dark Hole – Wild Water & Wheels
This tube slide at Wild Water & Wheels is a family favorite! Guests can enjoy this ride on a single or double tube, making it perfect for those who don’t want to ride alone. As an enclosed slide, riders will have no idea what’s coming next so be prepared to twist and turn all the way to the bottom! The Dark Hole is one of the most popular slides at the beach – and it’s not hard to figure out why! Guests must be at least 42” tall to ride this waterslide.


Tube Slides

Grab a tube and enjoy a thrilling float down one of these popular tube slides!

Arooba Tooba – Myrtle Waves
The Arooba Tooba offers a completely different waterslide experience and is unlike anything else in the area! Pick out a raft and then enjoy a short ride through an enclosed slide and then sit back as you are flushed into a large bowl shaped pool! That’s right – you will be thrown into a giant bowl and then enjoy several swirls up and around until finally being flushed down a central slide that brings you into a pool You won’t want to miss out on this unique attraction! Visitors must be at least 42” to ride this waterslide.

Water Flumes – Splashes Water Park
These easy going water flumes are ideal for those looking for a laid back ride. The Water Flumes at Splashes Water Park take riders on a leisurely float toward the ground. As an open waterslide, guests can see what’s just around the corner so there aren’t any scary surprises, though the ride is still very exciting! Guests can ride this waterslide solo or in a double raft. Guests must be 48” to ride alone though smaller guests can enjoy this ride if they are accompanied with an adult.


Family Favorites

Perfect for children and adolescents, check out these waterslides and other water attractions that are popular among families:

Saturation Station – Myrtle Waves
Have you ever wondered what a water park playground might be like? Well wonder no more! The Saturation Station at Myrtle Waves is just that, a beautiful combination of a play place and a water park. This interactive station allows guests to run wild in a play environment and splash each other with an array of water shooters, fountains, buckets, and more. There is also a 700 gallon volcano that soaks guests every 5-7 minutes so watch out! Guests of all sizes are invited to enjoy this attraction.

Wild H2O Racer – Wild Water & Wheels
This waterslide offers a nice mix to the traditional offerings. Guests at this attraction ride on a mat and slide head first towards the bottom. The Wild H2O Racer is actually four slides that are side by side, perfect for families who want to enjoy a little competition. The slides feature a few bumps along the way that might slow you down so strategy is key. Grab a mat and see who can make it to the bottom first! Riders at this attraction must be at least 42” to participate.

Layzee River – Myrtle Waves
The Layzee River at Myrtle Waves is the ultimate place to kick back, relax, and let the current carry your worries away. Grab a tube and settle in for comfortable journey. The Layzee River takes guests on a course that is over 1,200 feet long at an unintimidating 3 miles per hour. The river flows continuously so you can get on and off as you like throughout the day. Guests of any age are welcome to enjoy this attraction, though riders less than 36” must be accompanied by an adult.